Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.  My name is Jillian, and I’m the Information Services Librarian at a mid-sized library in Northeast Iowa.  This collection of ramblings began as a means of reviewing book selections from my “Resources for Adults (Reader’s Advisory)” course in the fall of 2012, while attending the University of Iowa’s School of Library and Information Science.

Update (1/2013):  I’ve decided to continue writing reviews of books I read for my “Resources for Young Adults” course in the spring of 2013.  I do not read widely within the YA genre, so I expect this to be an interesting, and hopefully enlightening, endeavor. (Spoiler alert: it was. And I read a lot more YA now).

Update (9/2014): I’ve decided I much prefer reading books to reviewing them. Occasionally I will still offer up a few words of reaction over on Goodreads , but for the most part I stick to simply reading.

Instead, I’m going to try my hand at reviewing races. I’ve now completed a half marathon in 22 different states, and two full marathons. I signed up for my first ultra marathon (a 50k) in the fall of 2014 (spoiler alert, only made it 25k), and participated in my first multiple races in multiple states in a short time frame series (spoiler alert: I ran it, loved it, and ran another). I’m trying my hand at the 50k distance again in the fall of 2015.

Apart from running I also enjoy the New York Times crossword puzzles, reading, cribbage, euchre, chess, live music festivals, traveling, beer, and food.

My favorite genres to read are fantasy, historical fiction, and narrative non-fiction, but I’ll try anything once (except for Twilight. Sorry, not sorry).

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy your stay.

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